Hand Sanitizer Stand

Disinfectant Stand


When the virus takes over, everyone must adhere to certain measures in order to suppress and kill it. Unfortunately, someone will not, and endangers other people around him. If you want to protect yourself and the people around you, you need to have disinfectants, to clean your hands, clothes, and shoes, to keep the virus from spreading and to kill germs and other bacteria.

The Hand Sanitizer Stand can provide the best portable bottle rack. If you have an office that finally opened after the COVID 19 pandemic, you must have all available hand sanitizers, which you can spray on clothing and training. It is very important to be careful, and penalties for violations are monetary, and not cheap at all.

Hand Sanitizer Stand

You can keep the stand next to the front door, next to the door in the office, or in stores also next to the door. How would it be easiest for people to spray their hands with alcohol, and to be clean before contact with other people or customers, and to be clean when they leave the office or the store because they had contact with money. 60% of alcohol is used, which kills microbes and bacteria. Alcohol can be used several times a day. The stand is portable and protects the bottle you are placing. You can take different sizes and lengths, and different shapes. It is not only a protection mask, but also alcohol, and with a portable stand, you can put it anywhere.

Protect yourself and others, take care of penalties. If you are waiting to open a company, do not close it due to carelessness. Hand Sanitizer Stand offers you great stands that you can place on all tables in the house and office.